National Coding Technologies supply a range of conveyors that can be easily used and adapted for coding application. Ideal for clients who need to automate their production lines. We have conveyors for different budgets and can specify conveyors to customers needs.

Typical example of the specification of one of the most popular models that has been very popular in the Australian market place.

BN Type Belt Conveyor

1.5 Metre length

(300mm W, 800mm H)

Body Material: 15*60mm A60615-T6 super steel aluminum, anodized & acidified surface with
15UM thickness and 95HB hardness cover film.
Belt Material: PVC 2.0mm thickness, flat black-colored belt, anti-static and wear-proof.
Motor Specification: 90W-220V-single phase-speed regulating. (Speed: 25M/min)
Control Specification: 90W-240V-speed regulator.
Shaft Specification: front/rear 52 mm.
Foot Specification: 30*60 aluminum fixed foot stand with 3″ brake wheel.
(1) Little C back baffle length 500mm at both side.
(2) Emergency stop at both side.